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This is our first release. It is called I Am Only This Surface by Amy Doremus. 

"I yearn for myself, but I am only ever disappointed and have not realized why prior to this moment. There is not enough of me to make myself appealing enough to be me. Before this book, I had not realized how little of myself there actually is. I was under the impression I was full of abundance, enough to fill up years without end or unease. Instead I hold onto anecdotes, trivia, knowledge, interests, ideas and run out of things to say quickly. These extras of myself are not me. They are little bits of information to shoot around to keep one mildly entertained. I have very little to say. There is not much to know."

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"Along the seam of being and nothingness, excavation and enervation, I Am Only This Surface evokes Simone de Beauvoir and Clarice Lispector, mysterious dream rooms, sudden luminous images, and self-analysis. This existential map traces time, energy, religion, sex, and the subsistent language we have for introspection and for our contradictory wiring. Not many writers can inhabit the gray areas of experience with the intelligence and style of Amy Doremus." 
       —James Reich, author of The Song My Enemies Sing

"In I am only this surface Amy Doremus explores brilliantly the notions of the Self and Fiction as desperately intertwined. A thought-provoking novel, that will satisfy the most hard-core avant-garde lovers. Very highly recommended."        

                                                              —Seb Doubinsky